FairPlay Support

We support FairPlay with EME on compatible environments or native src=. Adding FairPlay support involves a bit more work than other key systems.

Server certificate

All FairPlay content requires setting a server certificate. You can either provide it directly or set a serverCertificateUri for Shaka to fetch it for you.

const req = await fetch('https://example.com/cert.der');
const cert = await req.arrayBuffer();

                 new Uint8Array(cert));

License wrapping

Some FairPlay servers need to accept the license request in a different format or give the response in a different format. For more info, see the general License Wrapping tutorial:

player.getNetworkingEngine().registerRequestFilter((type, request) => {
  if (type != shaka.net.NetworkingEngine.RequestType.LICENSE) {

  const originalPayload = new Uint8Array(request.body);
  const base64Payload =
  const params = 'spc=' + base64Payload;
  request.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded';
  request.body = shaka.util.StringUtils.toUTF8(encodeURIComponent(params));

player.getNetworkingEngine().registerResponseFilter((type, response) => {
  if (type != shaka.net.NetworkingEngine.RequestType.LICENSE) {

  let responseText = shaka.util.StringUtils.fromUTF8(response.data);
  // Trim whitespace.
  responseText = responseText.trim();

  // Look for <ckc> wrapper and remove it.
  if (responseText.substr(0, 5) === '<ckc>' &&
      responseText.substr(-6) === '</ckc>') {
    responseText = responseText.slice(5, -6);

  // Decode the base64-encoded data into the format the browser expects.
  response.data = shaka.util.Uint8ArrayUtils.fromBase64(responseText).buffer;