Shaka Player Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading from v1 or v2, these releases are no longer supported, and upgrade guides are no longer maintained. You can use these old upgrades guides to upgrade in stages:

Since v3.0, Shaka Player has been following semantic versioning. (The IE11 deprecation announced before v3.0 happened in v3.1, which technically breaks semantic versioning guarantees. It is the only intentional exception.)

Upgrading from any v3 release to a newer v3 release should be backward compatible. The same is true of all major version numbers (v4 => v4, etc).

Here is a summary of breaking changes that might require upgrades to your application:



  • Support removed:

    • Older TVs and set-top boxes that do not support MediaSource sequence mode can no longer play HLS content (since we now use sequence mode for that)
    • Support for iOS 12 and Safari 12 has been removed
  • Configuration changes:

    • manifest.dash.defaultPresentationDelay has been replaced by manifest.defaultPresentationDelay (deprecated in v3.0.0)
    • Configuration of factories should be plain factory functions, not constructors; these will not be invoked with new (deprecated in v3.1.0)
    • drm.initDataTransform now defaults to a no-op
    • streaming.smallGapLimit and streaming.jumpLargeGaps have been removed; all gaps will now be jumped
    • manifest.hls.useFullSegmentsForStartTime has been removed; this setting is no longer necessary, as we no longer fetch segments for start times in the HLS parser
  • Player API changes:

    • shaka.Player.prototype.addTextTrack() has been replaced by addTextTrackAsync(), which returns a Promise (deprecated in v3.1.0)
  • UI API changes:

    • shaka.ui.TrackLabelFormat has been renamed to shaka.ui.Overlay.TrackLabelFormat (deprecated in v3.1.0)
    • shaka.ui.FailReasonCode has been renamed to shaka.ui.Overlay.FailReasonCode (deprecated in v3.1.0)
  • Offline API changes:

    • returns AbortableOperation instead of Promise; callers should change .then() to .promise.then() and await rv to await rv.promise (deprecated in v3.0.0)
    • shaka.offline.Storage.prototype.getStoreInProgress() has been removed; concurrent operations are supported since v3, so callers don't need to check this (deprecated in v3.0.0)
  • Utility API changes:

    • shaka.util.Uint8ArrayUtils.equal has been replaced by shaka.util.BufferUtils.equal, which can handle multiple types of buffers (deprecated in v3.0.0)
  • Manifest API changes:

    • has been replaced by release(), which is synchronous (deprecated in v3.0.0)
    •, which mutates the iterator, has been replaced by (deprecated in v3.1.0)
    • has become private; use mergeAndEvict() instead (deprecated in v3.2.0)
  • Plugin changes:

    • AbrManager plugins must implement the playbackRateChanged() method (deprecated in v3.0.0)
    • shaka.extern.Cue.prototype.spacer has been replaced by the more clearly-named lineBreak (deprecated in v3.1.0)
    • IUIElement plugins must have a release() method (not destroy()) (deprecated in v3.0.0)

v5.0 (unreleased)

  • Configuration changes:

    • streaming.forceTransmuxTS has been renamed to streaming.forceTransmux (deprecated in v4.3.0)
    • manifest.dash.manifestPreprocessor and manifest.mss.manifestPreprocessor have been replaced with manifest.dash.manifestPreprocessorTXml and manifest.mss.manifestPreprocessorTXml callbacks. This new callbacks now accept shaka.externs.xml.Node. getAttribute() and textContent results must now be decoded if they might contain escape sequences. You can use shaka.util.StringUtils.htmlUnescape for this purpose.
    • streaming.useNativeHlsOnSafari has removed. Now we have another config to do the same for FairPlay streaming.useNativeHlsForFairPlay or for HLS (any browser) streaming.preferNativeHls.
    • mediaSource.sourceBufferExtraFeatures has been replaced with mediaSource.addExtraFeaturesToSourceBuffer callback.
    • streaming.liveSyncMinLatency and streaming.liveSyncMaxLatency have been removed in favor of streaming.liveSync.targetLatency. (deprecated in v4.10.0)
    • The following options on streaming have been removed: liveSync, liveSyncTargetLatency, liveSyncTargetLatencyTolerance, liveSyncPlaybackRate, liveSyncMinPlaybackRate, liveSyncPanicMode liveSyncPanicThreshold. streaming.liveSync is now an options object with the relevant options: enabled, targetLatency, targetLatencyTolerance, maxPlaybackRate, minPlaybackRate, panicMode panicThreshold. (deprecated in v4.10.0)
  • Plugin changes:

    • TextDisplayer plugins must implement the configure() method.
    • TextParser plugins must implement the setManifestType() and setSequenceMode() methods.
    • Transmuxer plugins now has three new parameters in transmux() method.
  • Player API Changes:

    • The constructor no longer takes mediaElement as a parameter; use the attach method to attach to a media element instead. (Deprecated in v4.6)
    • The TimelineRegionInfo.eventElement has been replaced with TimelineRegionInfo.eventNode property, the new property type is shaka.externs.xml.Node instead of Element